discutie privata

Silueta exista doar in mintea lui, dar mai era si ea

Si atunci ea se indeparta si se apropia de el, si el le vedea pe amindoua intr-un joc real / ireal

Cind ele doua vorbeau, le privea curios; nu stia ce isi vorbeau, se intreba ce pot sa-si spuna

In lipsa lui, fara el

Ar fi vrut si el sa intrebe ceva, sa afle ceva,

dar ele se indepartau de el, il evitau.

Nu stia cind sa opreasca acest joc bizar, nu stia de ce pornise jocul, cind, de ce ele se pot intelege, de ce el era cel respins, de ce trebuia sa plece de acolo, exact de acolo de unde tisnea

toata discutia.

Era o discutie privata.

Private conversation

The silhouette existed only in his mind,

but she was also there.

And then she was going farther / detaching / withdrawing, and then she was coming near


And he saw them both in this double real / surreal game.

When the two of them were speaking to each other, he was watching them with curiosity. He couldn’t know what they were talking about and he was asking himself, “what”?

“What could they be saying to each other in my absence?”

He would have liked to ask them something, to hear something from them.

But they were drifting away from him, farther and farther. Avoiding him.

How could he ever stop this bizarre game, and why had he started this game anyway? And when? Why could they understand each other, and why was he the one rejected here, why was he supposed to leave that place,

the very place wherefrom the whole

conversation had suddenly erupted?

It was a private conversation.


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